Fragments on Heroism

Hopefully you’re somewhat like me in that you have heroes; figures that you look up to and occasionally reflect upon. As I ask the usual existential questions of, “why am I here?’ “What is my purpose?”  It is easy to desire a grand purpose similar to those I admire. I look at Bonhoeffer, King Jr., Wilberforce,  and think of how much they accomplished with the … Continue reading Fragments on Heroism

The Ultimate Cure for the Workplace Blues

I know you’ve seen it. There’s the guy who walks around with his head held high, enjoying almost every second at the office. When he has lunch with the boss, he acts as if he just received an award from the UN Security Council (not sure how good that would actually feel). You also notice that his trips to the water cooler are quite eventful. … Continue reading The Ultimate Cure for the Workplace Blues