Entering New Territory

Following the lead of my good friend Matt Lettieri (http://mindreminded.com), I have decided to blog. Yes, for those of you that know the both of us, this is probably looks like I am copying him. I am. But! In all fairness to myself, this blog began in December (as proof you can see the previous post that hasn’t been deleted, though it probably should be) as an outlet for random attempts at creativity and only garnered one attempt. I intend to pursue this a little further, but with some different intentions.

The future posts will contain random thoughts and reflections on life filtered through experiences, books, ideas, entertainment, etc. I realize that I process ideas more effectively when I write them down. Obviously, some things won’t make it to these pages, but I want to take full advantage of the medium. In the same vein as Matt Lettieri, this is not a “Christian” blog, since I don’t think that a website can existentially wrestle with the deep questions of life, much more commit its digital existence to Christ. However, as a Christian, my (hopefully Biblical) worldview will seep in regardless of the topic.
In conclusion, I believe that I have completed the required, “initial” post. Now, lets all pray that something interesting comes of this within the next couple days.


– Holmes


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